Outreach Programs

Individual Youth Sponsorship


Archery Advocates Association exists for the sole purpose of advocating archery as a youth sport.  Each year Archery Advocates has the pleasure of making archery opportunities possible for many young archers nationwide.  Sponsorships are merit-based for youth archers who want to take archery to the next level and extra help.  Non-merit based sponsorships are also available to youth who would like to try archery as a sport, but need information on how to get started and assistance with equipment and fees to do so. 

Physically and Developmentally Disabled Mentoring and Sponsorships


Archery Advocates Association places a a great deal of effort into providing assistance to both physically and developmentally disabled youth archers.  Whether it be a child who is interested in trying archery as a sport or a child who competes regularly, Archery Advocates wants to be a part of his or her journey.

Team Grants


Archery Advocates supports both private and public school teams, as well as private archery clubs.  Archery Advocates provides funding for archery equipment, tournament fees, or any other items associated with hosting tournaments and/or competitions.  

Single Parent Programs


Many single-parent families tend to find organized team sports challenging due to time constraints and practice schedules.  Archery Advocates believes that the sport of archery provides a flexible schedule for parents when it comes to practice needs and the ability to meet at an archery facility that provides organized youth archery, such as Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD).  Archery Advocates has earmarked a portion of our budget to go to children of single-parent homes to make it possible for their children to participate in a sport that does not require practice every night of the week.

Lobbying Assistance with Public and Private Schools


Archery Advocates provides, at no expense, lobbying assistance to attend school board or any related meetings to discuss and promote the attributes of the sport of archery and the benefits of including the sport in schools and private organizations.